Hey! My name is Stefan. I'm passionate developer and addicted to Python and Vim.

Web development

The bulk of my activity is hacking on web projects, and I especially enjoy task-heavy backend programming, but can't deny having a friendly ear for building frontend matter as well.

In 2011, I've started my developer career as a freelancer. In 2015, I founded my company Limbozz where we build web and mobile apps as a service contractor.

Tech of choice:


I believe that teaching makes you a better human being. Sharing knowledge and experience always reveals a great feeling, and you also benefit from it: It's said that teaching other people is the best practice you can get for yourself. Sounds like a win-win.

Besides teaching classmates ages ago, working as a tutor at university or showing first-graders how computers work, I have recently started coursemaking at Udemy. My first course is a German one for learning Vim. Go check it out and enjoy the discount. :-)

See my courses at Udemy Get the Vim course for 10,- €


Whenever I discover something cool and think it's worth sharing (or, to be honest, I just don't forget it), I publish a blog/Medium article.

A couple of years ago I wrote a quite successful series of articles about game development at my old blog. Nowadays I publish on my blog here and on Medium.

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